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March 22, 2012

I was washing my hair  – with something that looked and smelled as if it should be drizzled onto ice cream rather than be lathered onto my hair, when I noticed that there were more than the usual number of hair grips lying on the floor of the shower. Poppy was obviously in a rush – or maybe not. As the late great Ivor Cutler noticed: For every woman deliberately leaving hair grips in the bed there is a man accusing her of doing it accidentally. Ivor Cutler was very funny in a dry and strange way, but worth listening to – he’s reciting Big Jim here. Remembering Ivor Cutler got me thinking about another poet I find very funny who is not only alive, but local too. He does have quite a boring website for one so funny, but it has nice buttons. This reminded me of his poem based on the cherry stone rhyme tinker tailor soldier sailor, which in turn reminded me that Poppy and I had almost done a pastiche of this using baby’s names for Iona and Henry’s soon to be born little brother. And I haven’t sent this yet. And I don’t think Poppy has either.

So Liz and Al, this has to be read aloud as if you’re counting cherry stones:

Aidan, Barnaby, Benedict, Bob; Caleb, Christopher, Clarence, Cob;

Declan, Daniel, Diggory, Drew;

Edgar, Edwin, Ewen (Euan too);

Finnegan, Finbar, Felix, Fergus, Frazer, Gordon, Giovanni, Joe;

Julian, Jacob, Joshua, Josiah;

Kester, Lemuel, Liam, Zachariah;

Nathan, Norton, Noah, Omar; Orlando, Oliver, Phinneas, Phin;

Ptolemy, Quentin, Seth or Samuel,

Silas, Simon, Sebastian, Slim;

Taylor, Timon, Timo, Tim

Usher, Victor, William, Wim.

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